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Business Start-up

Launching a small business can be risky and success is not always guaranteed.
Businesses are most vulnerable to failure during the early years of trading, with 20 per cent of new businesses folding within their first year and 50 per cent within their first three years.

These figures should not scare you off, but should prepare you for some of the challenges entrepreneurs face when starting a business. With hard work and an awareness of the issues, a new business can be a great success.

Setting up your own business can be a life-changing event and requires a major commitment especially in the early stages just to cope with the inevitable challenges that lie ahead.

Being your own boss can be a satisfying experience but there can be times of financial uncertainty and shouldering all the responsibility for the success of the business can prove lonely.

You need someone to lead you through the minefield
Someone experienced to advise you
Someone to bounce ideas off and keep you in control

We can help you

  • Get yourself prepared and equipped for business
  • Decide on the most suitable structure for your business - sole trader, partnership, limited liability partnership or limited company;
  • With all aspects of business compliance and administration including completing your registration with HMRC;
  • Prepare a business plan, cashflow projections, budgets, and trading forecasts;
  • Assess the finance requirements, advise on the best sources of finance and draw up the necessary proposals;
  • Establish a good working relationship with your bank;
  • Set up a recording system that works for you and complies with statutory requirements;
  • Choose and install computer hardware and software and design spreadsheets for you to use
  • Keep on top of bookkeeping, VAT, payroll and other accounting requirements;