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Rob Henry

Rob is an experienced professional accountant with a broad range of business skills, which equips him to work successfully with clients of all sizes and backgrounds.

He has 10 years experience in Chartered Accountant’s Practices in Birmingham and Derby and 14 years in industry progressing in three years from accounts office manager to the financial director of a multi-million pound company.

He possesses a real depth of experience of business - from sole trader to a large corporation, from farming to scuba diving, from manufacturing to retail, from consultant, to concert promoter, to child-care provider. This adds another dimension to his knowledge of accountancy, taxation, company secretarial duties and systems design that gives him a real insight into the challenges of business, both large and small.

His focus on “the person first, finances second” and his willingness to go that extra mile has led to him being described as “Much more than an accountant”

Pauline James

Pauline’s 35-year business career has covered both the professional and manufacturing sectors. She is an experienced Administration & Quality Manager whose many skills include bookkeeping and accountancy, secretarial and office management.

Pauline is a positive and energetic woman. She takes control of a situation and no matter what chaos is presented to her she quickly and efficiently puts it all in order. I think she enjoys it!

Her understanding of business systems and her organisational skills combine well with her knowledge of bookkeeping and accounting. If you want a job done properly, efficiently and without stress - Pauline is your lady.

Clare Tata

Clare’s career began in the insurance industry, where she quickly developed the business skills that led to her being promoted to the post of Office Manager at the age of 19. During her early 20s she worked in the engineering industry, liaising and meeting with high profile clients on a daily basis. She is highly organised and competent with many business skills including bookkeeping, payroll, secretarial and office management.

Clare quietly gets the job done, without fuss, without drama. You can be confident that your paperwork, your books, your payroll or your VAT Return are in safe hands and if anyone can beat that deadline, Clare can.