RMH Associates
Business & Accountancy Services

Payroll and CIS

We provide a complete payroll service for small employers typically with 1-30 employees.

We can help you

· Calculate wages and salaries.
Using email, fax, text or phone you say the hours worked or the salary and we do the rest. We can even gross up net paid if required.

· With your payroll records.

We provide payslips, a payroll summary, an analysis of additions and deductions, a departmental analysis if required and details of payments to employees such as BACS, cheques or even a breakdown of coins you need to put into each pay packet.

· Complete and submit online
all the monthly, quarterly or annual returns required by HMRC including p45’s, p46’s, p35’s, and if required p11d’s and the Contractor CIS300 Monthly Return.

· Look after
SSP, SMP, Student Loans, Attachment of Earnings Orders and absence records, Holiday Pay etc.

· Know how much
is due to HMRC and by when

· Keep up to date
with changes in legislation such as the minimum wage and holiday pay and know how they affect you.