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Company Taxation & Annual Returns

Company Tax

The word 'company' is also used to include:

  • members' clubs, societies and associations
  • trade associations
  • housing associations
  • groups of individuals carrying on a business but not as a partnership, (for example, co-operatives.)

For Corporation Tax, companies

  • have to work out their own tax liability
  • have to pay their tax without prior assessment by the Inland Revenue, and
  • are liable to penalties if they do not deliver a return by the statutory filing date, normally 12 months after the end of the accounting period.

We can help you

  • Pay the right amount of tax – not too much and not too little.
  • Calculate your tax liability and know how much to pay and when
  • Complete and submit all relevant Tax Returns.
  • Consider the tax implications of your plans
  • Take legitimate action to minimise your tax burden and be prepared for what is due.
  • By dealing with HMRC on your behalf including all correspondence and checking statements of accounts, notice of codings, assessments etc.
  • Avoid penalties for late or incorrect returns

Companies House
From 6 April 2008 this means at least one director for a private company. A private limited company does not have to have a company secretary but it can choose to include in its articles a requirement to have one.

The director, or directors, must manage the company's affairs in accordance with its articles of association and the law. Certain responsibilities apply to all directors, whether executive or non-executive, and to all types of company whether trading or not.

The company secretary has a few duties set out in the legislation, and may be given others by the articles or the directors.

Every company director has a personal responsibility to deliver statutory documents to Companies House as and when required by the Companies Acts. These include, in particular:
  • accounts;
  • annual returns; and
  • notice of change of directors or secretaries or in their personal details (Forms 288a, 288b or 288c).
  • In addition, it is usually the directors who will give notice of a change of registered office (Form 287)
As a director of a company you can be prosecuted for not submitting these documents to Companies House on time. This is a criminal offence and upon conviction a director can be fined up to £5,000 for each offence. There is a separate, civil penalty imposed on the company for the late filing of accounts.

We can help you

  • To meet your legal responsibilities as a director or company secretary including submitting your accounts (abbreviated, audit exempt or dormant) and the correct forms to Companies House including the Annual Return, the appointment or termination of a director or secretary, the change of accounting reference date or registered office address etc
  • Quickly set up a Limited Company and to complete all the administration, form filling and legal requirements